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Join Buxted Bonfire Society

We are always looking for new people join our society - with over One Hundred and Twenty Years of history behind us and a new and energetic next generation of  volunteers we require the help of all types of people.

Membership form available online HERE

Or download and print at home HERE

Click HERE for our branded clothing (for use at 'socials' and fundraising events)


We have two levels of membership (described below).

 Membership would suit people who wish to participate within BBS and includes:

  • Annual membership to BBS (from April to March).

  • Annual members badge.

  • Annual newsletter.

  • Attend some BBS meetings.

  • Participate in the society (whether that is a minor or a major role).

  • Ability to parade within torchlight processions. 


Vice President (VP) would suit supporters who want to help at events, but not Parade:

  • Annual VP membership to BBS (from April to March).

  • Annual VP members badge.

  • An invitation for VP member(s) to attend meetings.

  • Insurance whilst at our events.


Annual Membership

  • Adult member (16+) £12

  • Child (Under 16) £6

  • Family membership (2x Adult, 2x Child) £28

  • VP membership £25


Note: New membership does not commence until your application has been reviewed and  approved by committee.

Membership FAQ

Q: Do I have to live in Buxted Bonfire Society to join?
A: No.
Buxted Bonfire Society welcomes supporters no matter where they live.

Q: What benefits does membership give?
A: Being a Society member means you can:-
– Become an active member of the Society
– Walk under the BBS banner on Bonfire Night and at out meetings
– Take part in BBS events throughout the year
– Help fund the running of 
Buxted Bonfire Society
– Receive BBS newsletters

Q: Why is membership important?
A: Membership is important because:-
– Your subscription helps to support the Society
– It means you are covered by the Society’s Public Liability Insurance when attending events with BBS.

Membership form available online HERE




Buxted Bonfire Society wants all of its members to have fun and enjoy their membership, following the simple and sensible guidelines above will help us maintain our reputation as a friendly and welcoming society for all ages and abilities. Out of respect for the other members (and to comply with insurance requirements), we reserve the right to suspend or remove members who do not adhere to these guidelines.


Reading and complying with these rules may reduce (but not eliminate) the risk that you will have a serious accident. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of any children under your guardianship.


· All membership must be paid and forms completed in full prior to taking part in any event, non-members cannot walk in procession without membership. Membership is not transferable.

· Members shall not bring the society into disrepute; anyone found doing so may have membership revoked.

· All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a designated responsible adult.  If you have more than one child with you, put them in the rank in front of you where you can see them at all times.

· Please maintain a respectful silence during any Memorial and adhere to the various traditions at Bonfire Prayers.

· We expect members to be tolerant of and respectful to all fellow members regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or any other protected characteristic.



· Torches must only be lit when directed by the procession leader.

· Torches will occasionally flare and flame run down the stick. DON’T PANIC, hold the torch with head down and away from you and it should settle.

· When in procession hold torches tilted away from you, if you are in an outside rank hold torch in outside hand slightly in front of you. This looks better and ensures the safety of those around you.

· When discarding torches drop in the gutter at the side of the road if possible (never hand your torch to a member of the public).



· Please wear suitable protective footwear & clothing as you may be on the streets for many hours in potentially wet/cold and slippery conditions. You may wish to use eye & ear protection, especially for younger members.

· We are very proud of our traditions and encourage all members to dress as either a Smuggler, (knitted jersey & white full-length trousers), or in the ‘Stag or woodman style’ fancy dress. Remember, during the early season processions it is usually quite warm but by the middle of November there is a definite chill in the air so dress appropriately.



· All dropdowns/rookies are illegal. Members risk expulsion from the procession if they use them and will have their BBS membership terminated with no refunds.

· The throwing of any type of firework within the procession or into the crowds or otherwise acting in a way which may cause physical harm to others will result in immediate expulsion from the society and possible prosecution.



·  Any member considered to be under the undue influence of alcohol or drugs may be refused further participation.

·  Don’t drink openly during the procession, whilst it’s ok to take a surreptitious slug from a hip flask it does not look good to be wandering along with a can in your hand.

· Any member displaying threatening verbal, physical or other anti-social behaviour may be excluded from the procession and may have their BBS membership terminated with no refunds.



· Members of the society shall march in ranks of three during processions with adequate spacing in front and behind each rank; this not only looks good but is safe for all and allows for moving to the side if required for emergency services.

· All members shall follow instructions given by marshals, officers of the society or host society or the Police. If you see something that concerns you, please bring it to the attention of the marshals who will let the appropriate people know and take the appropriate action.



· Bookings for minibus seats for out-meetings must be made by date specified and payment made on time. Cancellations must be made at least 7 days prior to the booking date, cancellations made thereafter will still be payable regardless of the reason for cancellation. Anyone who is sick/spills food/drink on the transport will be liable to pay for cleaning.

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