Hello and thank-you for visiting the Gro-Fit Website!


My name is Bryn Groves and if you will indulge me I would like to tell you a bit about myself and how this company came about.


I am, by training primarily a scientist, having trained and worked in science all my life from in the Ministry of Agriculture as a Higher Scientific Officer and then in the Food Standards Agency as a Senior Scientific Officer before retraining as a Science teacher in 2004 to enable me to spend more quality time with my then young family. I have taught in various schools both State and Independent and ran Departments in both. I love sport and fitness and decided to take the challenge and retrain once again, this time applying my science background to Personal Training and Nutrition.

I believe I bring something different to the table in both my personal training and in teaching other trainers. My in-depth knowledge of biochemistry and physiology enable me to tailor my training to the individual client at a fundamental level and my grasp of the more complex scientific concepts and my teaching background enable me to be a more effective teacher of the more complex concepts in the Health and Fitness industry.


I also believe that if you succeed then I succeed, and I try and ensure a personalised and enjoyable experience for all my clients with real results that last because you will understand why you are achieving them.


Please feel free to give me a call and arrange an appointment for a free consultation to see whether I would be a good fit for your goals and hopefully we can take the first steps towards a new you!

Telephone: 07776 180499                     Email: grofitpt@gmail.com