A little bit about me,

I have always lived in Sussex, I went to school in Hailsham and in my teens the family moved to Punnetts Town. I worked at a Timber & Builders merchants, with the NHS and then I joined the Civil Service.

My journey into the world of being a Celebrant started in 1998, I was 27 and my Uncle had passed away. My Aunt asked me if I would be prepared to say a few words at his funeral, I was honoured and incredibly nervous - after all, you don't get a second chance if you get things wrong..

The service went well and I was so proud to have been a part of it, I was able to say the things that other friends and family members wanted to - but couldn't.

During my time as  a Civil Servant I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest people anyone could wish to and, at times I have experienced the very worst things that thankfully many people will never have to, but all providing me with a broad and diverse set of life skills / experiences.

From that funeral back in 1998 I went on to speak at every family funeral since and it got me thinking - what a rewarding job it would be to be be involved in such an important part of someone's farewell.

White Grass

Michael conducted my fathers service, he provides fantastic support and advice and the eulogy that he delivered was perfect... A.B 

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