On these pages I hope that you will get to know me a little better and see how I may be able to help you, your family and your friends through one of the most challenging times that ultimately we all have to face - the loss of a loved one.

I understand that when there is so much to do in what is often a short space of time everything becomes overwhelming. My primary aim is to take the pressure off you, your family and your friends - leaving you all to get on with the many other things there are to get done.


From your initial contact I will arrange a time that is convenient to you to discuss what I can do to help - we can talk on the phone, on a videocall or (if possible face to face). I will make notes and ask some questions to help me get to know your loved one that I didn't have the pleasure to meet in person. 

I can help you to make the ceremony memorable, poignant and something that captures everything that you want to share about the life and influence your loved one had on all whom they knew.

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"My role is as a conduit - a narrator,

drawing together the threads and weaving them

into a tapestry of a life lived and loved.
Bringing back cherished memories, thoughts,

feelings and milestones.

'Bringing it all together'

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